Preferred Vendors

GROW IOLA is a property management company that strives to maintain our property owners’ properties at high quality standards. These standards are set to ensure long term value of the property, safety and efficiency for the tenant and enhance demand for the property to be rented.

Our desire is to leave the major repairs on all GROW IOLA properties to our local professionals. We hope that you join our team as a preferred vendor in maintaining our properties!

What we offer our Preferred Vendors?

  • Increased projects for our preferred vendors
  • Increased exposure since others will see that your services have been chosen for GROW IOLA properties
  • Guaranteed payment for all work completed on our contracted properties
  • “Instant Pay” for all approved projects. We offer 50% of accepted bid at implementation of project and final payment when project has been inspected and approved by GROW IOLA. You work, You bill, and We pay!

What we need from you?

  • You must sign a Preferred Vendor Agreement with GROW IOLA.
  • You must be insured.
  • You must be reportable and communicate quickly and efficiently with us.
  • You must be accountable and guarantee quality work that is within code.
  • You must be competitively priced. Remember, you have no marketing cost and no accounts payable issues when working with GROW IOLA. You must be consistently priced with general repairs or services with a flat fee that will simplify our Property Owners’ acceptance process of the work bid. For example, we would ask for your ‘best price’ on certain jobs such as painting an interior room, set square foot fee for laying carpet or tile, replacing a hot water tank, installing a ceiling fan, remove a tree, etc.