About Us

Welcome to the Iola area! Iola features that small town charm and friendliness that feels more like a family than a community. In fact, the Iola area features one of the biggest town squares west of the Mississippi helping the family feeling because it’s where most town events are held. Deep traditions and community are the hallmark of Iola, which is why we’re confident it is the perfect fit for your family too.

Our mission is to create a thriving community in Iola that connects the community in all areas of life: jobs, housing, and shopping.

We can help you find the perfect job that will allow you to do work you love and are passionate about, while also making a good living. In order to do this, we partner with local business owners to help them find local talent to fill their workforce needs.

Plus, we help in the housing search to truly make Iola your home by developing a quick and easy way to search for property listings in the area that match what you’re looking for.

Lastly, we help you find local businesses to discover the goods and services you need and want to make you happy. We noticed a major issue was most local businesses didn’t have a website and thus they weren’t searchable online. So our unique website has enabled you to connect with any and every business in Iola to find any good or service you desire!

You see, it’s simple, we want to make your life in Iola as easy as possible. So developing a cutting-edge search system that state and national programs can’t even compete with, has turned us into the fastest and easiest way to truly bring Iola together.

Join your community!