Direct Support Professional at CLO

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CLO is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults and children with severe developmental disabilities achieve personally satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle.

The primary responsibility of the Teaching Counselor is to teach skills and behaviors to maximize independence in activities of daily living for a small caseload of persons who have severe developmental disabilities and other special needs in a variety of community settings.

Direct Support Professional – Various Positions


  • Must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Minimum of high school diploma or GED.
  • Operation of motor vehicle.
  • Current and valid driver’s license.
  • Meet ALL of CLO’s driving guidelines.
  • Experience working with person who have disabilities a plus.

Full-Time Benefits include:
Dental, Family Protection Plan & Paid Time Off.

CLO offers free healthcare for all employees!

Please apply online at or in person at 201 West Street, Iola, KS 66749.

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The Iola Housing Authority has been in Iola since 1971. They currently manage 198 multi-family units ranging from studios to 4 bedrooms. This is Public Housing and the rent is Income-Based. Generally speaking, rent is 30% of tenant’s gross income, but it can vary some depending on your situation. All units are maintenance free and come with refrigerator and stove provided.

If you are interested in a unit with the Iola Housing Authority or are wanting more information, please call them or send them an email. There is an application interview required.

Equal Housing Opportunity

Office Address:
Iola Housing Authority
217 N Washington St.
Iola, KS 66749

Phone Number:
800-766-3777 (TDD)


Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(closed for lunch from 12:00-1:00)

J&C Electrical Solutions

J&C Electrical Solutions, LLC has Employment Opportunities!!

Great Pay & Benefits! Wages will be based on Experience & Knowledge.

We are currently looking to fill two open positions. Electrical Experience is required. Journeyman Certification is preferred, but not required.

Experience in the following is Preferred, and Not Limited To:

Residential Electrical:

  • Secondary Service Power
  • Interior/Exterior Electrical Wiring
  • Lighting Fixture Installations

Commercial Electrical:

  • Conduit Bending & Installation
  • Interior/Exterior Electrical Wiring
  • Electrical Wire Sizing
  • Secondary Service Power
  • Troubleshooting

*Must Be Able to Travel: Monday through Fridays
*CDL will be required

Please send resumes to Michael Covey, You can, also, reach Mike at 620-363-5040.

“The Solution for Your Electrical Needs”

CNC Machinist at Catalyst Artificial Lift

Catalyst Artificial Lift is hiring for a full time CNC Machinist. 5 years of experience in a CNC setup environment preferred. Must have milling experience and g-code programming. Must have the ability to read blueprints and drawings and understand tool offsets. Competitive pay, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401(k) match offered. Please send all resumes and/or inquiries to

Certified Medication Aide (CMA/CMT) at Moran Manor

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Job Summary:

Employee certified to administer medications, in accordance with state and federal laws, under the supervision of licensed staff to residents within Americare skilled or assisted living facilities. Provide residents with direct care to assure quality of life in a home like environment while offering additional support to family and visitors. Maintains professional behavior while functioning as an interdisciplinary team member meeting state and federal guidelines.


Administers medication under the supervision of licensed nurse. In some situations may be required to supervise other staff or work independently.

Critical Functions:

Administers prescribed medications to residents and maintains related medical records under supervision of licensed nurse. Verifies identity of resident receiving medication and records name of drug and dosage and time of administration on specified forms or records such as MAR. Presents medication to resident and observes ingestion or other application, or administers medication, using specified procedures. Takes vital signs or observes resident to detect response to specified types of medications and prepares report or notified designated personnel of unexpected reactions.

Documents reasons prescribed drugs are not administered. Gives direct patient care, such as bathing, dressing and feeding of residents and assisting with prescribed treatments. May receive supply of ordered medications and apportion, mix or assemble drugs for administrator to resident. May record and restock medication inventories.

Training and Experience:

  • High school graduate or minimum age of 18 year of age
  • Completion Certified Medication Technician or Med Level One course and obtain certification in current state
  • Ability to communicate effectively with residents, co-workers, visitors and families
  • Ability to and adhere to HIPPA regulations requiring confidentiality of resident information
  • Demonstrate accuracy in observation, performance and reporting
  • Required to work under direct supervision of licensed nurse

Key Competencies:

  • Able to administer prescribed medication to residents and maintain related medical records
  • Possess ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing residents needs and ADL
  • Possess ability to effectively communicate with supervisor, peers, family members and visitors
  • Maintain resident confidentiality (HIPPA) at all time and adhere to residents rights
  • Ability to recognize and adhere to resident care plan and maintain safe living environment by utilizing safety equipment and communicating with charge staff any notable changes or concerns.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and performance as an Americare employee.

Working Conditions:

Indoor with adequate lighting and ventilation, carpet, tile, concrete floors. May include outdoor or public activities or attending recreational events with residents.

Relationship to other jobs:

This position entails providing physical and emotional support to facility residents, working in harmony with peers and supervisors while demonstrating professionalism. The documentation and provisional care is part of an interdisciplinary team effort to meet state and federal requirements and provide a loving home environment for residents.

Physical Demands:

(In an 8 hour day: N=Never 0%, O= Occasional 1-33%, F=Frequent 34-66%, C=constant 67-100%)

Part time or full time or PRN. Shifts include day, evening and nights and weekends. Specific schedule needs must be discussed and noted at time of hire. Changes in schedule must be approved by director of nursing or administrator.

OSHA Exposure:

Category 1, possibility of exposure on daily basis. Required use of personal protective equipment

Safety Equipment:

Gait belt, lumbar support, two man lift policy and use of mechanical lifts in noted facilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Preparation and administration and documentation at appropriate times of all medications other than parenteral unless licensed. May be required to provide resident treatments as ordered by resident’s physician.
  • Ability to provide direct physical and emotional care to resident including, but not limited to, personal hygiene, transferring, lifting, maintain records, confidentiality and assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Recognize and report in a timely manner any change in resident condition to charge staff.
  • Accurately observe, record and report resident care, condition or needs as well as concerns, food intake, output as ordered.
  • Administer prescribed medications to residents and maintain related medical records under supervision of licensed nurse. Verified identity of resident receiving medication and records name of drug, dosage and time of administration on specified forms or record.
  • Presents medication and observes ingestion or other application or administers medication using specified procedures. May be required to administer tube feeding. Ttake vital signs or observes resident to detect response to specified types of mediation and prepares report or notifies supervisor of any unexpected reactions or lack of such. Documents reasons prescribed medications or treatments are not administered. May receive supply of ordered medications and apportion, mix, or assemble drugs for administration to resident. Responsible for counting and documenting narcotics at beginning or end of shift.
  • Support co-workers by providing assistance as needed or requested in resident care.
  • Report in timely manner any accidents or incidents involving residents, staff, visitors.
  • Communicate through report to staff on preceding and oncoming shifts.
  • Admit and discharge or transfer residents with proper documentation noted in nurses notes and complete of necessary and required forms.
  • Must be able to work independently or with peers to provide care of residents. Must be able to work eight (8) hour shifts unless otherwise designated by supervisor. Must be able to provide first aid as needed.
  • Must be able to meet requirements of certified nursing assistant as well as certified medication technician. Review both job descriptions.
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to meet company requirement related to driving if required.


  • Standing: Essential, frequently, indoor/outdoor surfaces, carpet, tile, concrete
  • Walking: Essential, frequently, within facility, outdoor activities, public buildings assessments, while providing resident care.
  • Sitting: Essential, frequently, phone, assessments, activities, transportation, documentation
  • Change of position: Essential, frequently, sitting, standing, walking, assessments, providing care


  • Reaching, extend, hand, arms: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, providing care, transportation
  • Reach across midline: Essential, frequent, documentation, transportation, assist residents
  • Handling, hold, grasp, seize, and turn: Frequently, essential, documentation, activities, transportation, assist residents
  • Fingering, pick up, pinch: Essential, frequently, documentation, activities, transportation, assist residents
  • Feeling, perceive, attributes of object: Essential, frequently, documentation, activities, transportation, assist resident
  • Crouching, squatting, bend legs and spine: Essential, frequently, activities, transportation, assist residents.
  • Crawling: only in emergency situations or emergency drills
  • Balancing: Essential, frequently, documentation, activities, transportation, assist residents.
  • Kneeling: Essential, occasionally, activities, transportation, assist residents.
  • Stooping, bending: Essential, frequently, documentation, activities, transport, assist residents
  • Jumping: Marginal, not normally required, may be in emergency


  • Static position: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, activities
  • Left and right rotation: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, activities
  • Forward and side: bending: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, activities


  • Lift / lowering:
    • Essential, frequently, documentation, resident assist, transportation, 50 lb lift,
    • Only assist residents to standing, or lower resident to floor 100 lb (push, pull, lower)
    • Do not attempt to lift residents or support entire weight of resident.
    • Lower resident to floor in the event of fall. Utilize two man lift procedure
    • Utilize required safety equipment
  • Carrying: Essential, frequently, documentation, resident assist, transportation, activities
  • Pushing-pulling: Frequently, essential, resident assist, wheel chair assist, activities, transportation Pushing weight of resident in wheelchair up to 350 lbs. Pushing of med cart up to #100 lbs.


  • Stairs-ramp: Essential, occasionally, building access, assist residents, transportation


  • Auditory: Essential, resident request, breathing sounds, take and record vitals, assignments by staff.
  • Visual: Essential, reading documents, read medication orders, administer medication noting correct resident, correct medication, correct time, correct dosage, correct route.
  • Verbal: Essential, explain procedures, concerns or report to staff and residents and family members.


  • Proximity of moving parts: Essential, occasional, activities, public events, transportation,
  • Exposure to electrical energy: Essential, frequently, items which require electrical energy, such O2 tanks, lamps, television. Check equipment condition to prevent electrical shock.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals: Essential, frequent use of cleaning agents to clean and sanitize. Non exposure when using PPE as required.
  • Blood borne pathogen exposure: Essential, frequently, assisting and caring for residents. Mandatory use of PPE per training eliminates exposure.
  • Slippery, uneven surfaces: Occasionally, watch for wet floors when mopping has been done. Transportation during rain and or snow if employee assists with transportation.


  • It is mandatory to follow safety policies and procedures including use of safety equipment to protect residents and employees. Lumbar supports, gait belts, two man lift policy are mandatory in all facilities. Mechanical lifts are mandatory in skilled as directed by assessment and care plan.
  • Mandatory reporting of all work related injuries within 24 hours to supervisor with participation in required documentation.
  • Participation in our drug testing procedures is a mandatory part of employment with this facility.

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at Moran Manor

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Job Summary:

Provides prescribed medical treatment and personal care services to ill, injured, convalescent, and handicapped persons in the long term care or assisted living setting. Takes and records resident vital signs. Dresses wounds, gives enemas, douches, alcohol rubs, and massages. Applies compresses, ice bags, and hot water bottles. Observes resident and reports adverse reactions to medication or treatment to medical personnel in charge. Administers specified medication, orally or by subcutaneous or intermuscular injection, and notes time and amount on resident chart. Assembles and uses such equipment as catheters, tracheotomy tubes, and oxygen suppliers. Collects samples, such as urine, blood, and sputum, from residents for testing and performs routine laboratory tests on samples. Sterilizes equipment and supplies, using germicides, sterilizer, or autoclave. Prepares or examines food trays for prescribed diet and feeds residents. Records food and fluid intake and output. Bathes, dresses, and assist residents in walking and turning. Cleans rooms, makes beds, and answers resident call lights. Washes and dresses bodies of deceased persons. Must pass state board examination and be licensed. May inventory and requisition supplies. Documentation capability with accuracy and understanding of facility, state and federal regulations and policies and procedures. May start and monitor IV’s with appropriate accreditation and licensure.

Critical Functions:

Render or assign resident care according to the needs of the residents under the direction of the supervisor and or director of nursing. Maintain a home like, person centered care environment for all residents. Effectively supervise all staff responsible for resident care. As an interdisciplinary team member and supervising others to meet the physical, psychological, and social needs of the resident.

Training and Experience:

  • Graduate of an approved school of nursing. Maintains current state registration and ongoing education.
  • Ability to develop and effectively manage facility personnel.
  • Skill in identifying problems and planning solutions.
  • Initiative and good judgment.
  • A sincere desire to work with the aged and those with a limited capacity for self care.
  • Capacity to grasp new theories and principles and implement these.
  • Ability to maintain a good working relationship with all levels of personnel, residents and families, as
    well as community contacts and volunteers.

Key Competencies:

  • Supervisory and leadership skills required
  • Ability to communicate to administrator and staff and families in a positive, professional and effective
  • Ability to over see all facets of resident care and assure resident quality of life through planning, assess and reviewing protocol.
  • Lead staff in daily facility protocol which meets state and federal and ASI standards.
  • Efficient in providing or reviewing required documentation as to resident care and services.
  • Supervising nursing personnel and ability to manage staff on ongoing basis.
  • Recognize and provide directly or indirectly all needs of residents while working with family members

Physical Demands:

Full time or part time position. All shifts including days, evening and nights and weekends and being on call to assure the operation of resident and staffing needs. Changes in schedule must be approved by facility director of nursing.

Essential Functions:

  1. Valid driver’s license and ability to meet company requirements related to transporting residents if situation should arise and require such.
  2. Responsible for all nursing service and its administration and clinical supervision
  3. Responsible for the implementation of nursing objectives, standards of nursing care, nursing policy
    And procedure manual, and reviews and revises such as necessary and at least annually.
  4. Interprets all nursing policies and procedures to nursing personnel. Determines that nursing care
    standards and nursing policies and procedures are being followed according to written guidelines
  5. Supervises and gives clinical guidance to nurses and other nursing staff (PCA, C.N.A., CMT etc)
    as necessary.
  6. Makes rounds to assess resident and staffing needs and visits residents each work day.
  7. Works under the direction of director of nursing to assure that all nursing personnel complete the
    required orientation and attend the necessary in-service training, and that appropriate
    documentation is maintained.
  8. Responsible for nursing assessment on monthly or as needed basis, documenting assessments,
    notifying physicians and families of change in condition, obtaining appropriate orders and
    implementing order. Responsible for supervising personal hygiene of residents.
  9. Responsible for seeing that all the necessary written documents such as Admission Nursing
    Assessments, Nursing Notes, Over-All-Care Plans and other required information is kept
    current in the resident record system. (Records are kept current following facility’s policies,
    ASI standards and/or State and Federal regulations.
  10. Responsible for assisting director of nursing in keeping facility standards up to state and federal and
    ASI requirements and assisting with any and all inspections. Team member in planning,
    evaluating and providing safe home like environment and quality of life for residents.
  11. Responsible for determining that the medication systems meets the needs of the resident, is an
    effective type administration system and is set up according to State regulations and pharmaceutical guidelines.
  12. Keeps administrator informed of significant changes in residents conditions, transfer of residents to
    the hospital, expirations or any pertinent information regarding the residents and or employees.
  13. Assists in determining the type of residents to be admitted to the facility using established nursing
    care criteria as a guideline. Makes decisions as to placement of residents and transfer to other
    rooms as necessary.
  14. Communicates with Administrator schedules and conducts nursing staff meetings and maintenance
    records of such.
  15. Assesses supply and equipment needs for nursing department and sees that adequate stocks are
  16. Determines that incident reports are made out as necessary or as indicated and reviews such on a
    routine basis.
  17. Is available for call when needed by the staff members on duty in matters pertaining to nursing care.
  18. Performs any other duties as may be necessary as specified by the director of the facility.

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Sales Representative at Cellular Sales – Verizon

Sales Representative
Retail Sales | Customer Service | Business Development

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Since opening our doors in 1993, Cellular Sales has differentiated itself from all others in the wireless industry by providing a concierge level customer experience both during and after the sale. Our more than 4,800 team members operate over 550 retail locations in 32 states offering a premium level of customer service. Throughout our continued growth, we’ve remained committed to empowering our customers and our team to achieve their personal and professional goals.


  • Uncapped earning potential balanced with flexible scheduling
  • Individual competition balanced with team goals
  • Ongoing retail and B2B sales training that teaches invaluable skills useful throughout your career
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Medical, accident, and life insurance
  • Health Savings and 401(k) plan

Cellular Sales is not only an incredible opportunity for the savvy sales veteran, we also specialize in developing less experienced individuals wanting to achieve a new level of professional success. If you have a proven record of success, a strong work ethic and are looking for a career-defining opportunity in sales and customer service, apply now to join our award winning team!


  • Develop customized consumer and business technology solutions
  • Provide the industry’s best concierge-level customer service
  • Master the art of sales
  • Expand your knowledge of mobile technologies


  • Positive attitude
  • High school diploma or equivalent; college degree preferred
  • Minimum two years of related work experience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Interest and understanding of technology products and services
  • Business ownership mentality

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For more information, contact Jennifer Sell at 660-223-3448 or

Purchasing Manager at Mid-American Machine

Job requirements:
Microsoft Office with advanced Excel and PowerPoint knowledge, knowledge of basic Finance and Accounting Principles, 5+ years of experience in procurement and supply chain in a manufacturing setting, excellent communication skills, manufacturing experience required, proven leadership skills, minimum four year degree in related field, strong interpersonal effectiveness.

*Purchasing Certification preferred.
*Must have management experience.

Please email resume to:
OR Submit an online application.
Phone: 620-964-2156.